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June 29, 2008



I think I do the same when I paint or play the piano... The minds still going... I'm disconnected from the world and deeply reflecting... And then sometimes not.... Just being


"[B]oredom–or lack of a prescribed activity–enables imagination and creativity." -Yes, I agree that boredom can lead to creativity, that it can be an enabler.

"Just like the lack of “saying anything” to fill space encourages private reflection, boredom actually moves us to higher levels of experience and engagement and learning." -Does this necessarily happen? I am not so sure.

Laura Deisley

Willy, you are absolutely correct. Does it "necessarily happen" that boredom begets higher levels of experience and engagement in learning? No. As I read your comment, mind you walking around the mall with three teenagers who were not bored and not reflecting (smile), I thought about being a kid and being bored. Unless there was some kind of structure to encourage that kind of "higher" experience--something modeled by my teachers and parents--then the boredom could just beget me wasting away in front of the TV or "nothing" as one of the student on Student 2.0 noted. That is also true as an adult. I have to "choose" to use that unfilled time in the right way to get that other experience.

Thanks for pushing back on that one. It is conditional. Are there other conditions? And certainly, boredom does not "own the store" in begetting reflection, imagination, and creativity...

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