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September 12, 2010


Vinnie Vrotny

This sounds exciting. As a trusted tester who has been migrating our accounts to the new platform to take advantage of the new tools (Reader, Blogger, Custom Search, Maps, etc), your approach using a Site is a wise one.

And only three more weeks until they start rolling all Apps for Edu accounts over to the new framework.

Laura Deisley

Thanks, Vinny. We have the new tools right now (they gave them to us end of last week), but we are not making them available yet. Until they provide us with the ability to "turn on, turn off" apps for various sub organizations (we have separate schools as well as student and faculty organizations), then we'll stick with what we have.

What are your plans for migrating?


A great way to approach sythesis of form and content. It seems to me that the common temptation after taking a big leap (such as 1:1 adoption) is to follow up with several smaller steps, whether for safety, damage control, or to appease those who were against it in the first place. But your middle school has opted for two back-to-back giant leaps. Congrats.

I heard that Bo brought you up to speed with the progress of our PLT. It's been amazing and I could NOT have done it without you. THANKS!!

Laura Deisley

@Ted Thanks so much for dropping "in" and posting your comment. Its a bit like teaching a baby how to swim by throwing her in the water, but I am coming to believe we have to have these new contexts or else we'll not see the forest for the trees.

I'd love to catch up with you and hear more about the PLT. I know you're busy with XC, but is there a date coming up that I might get on your calendar? Meet 'ya at Garrisons??

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