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September 27, 2007



Interesting post yet again.... I think the emphasis on the institution and not the epistemological foundations of modern educational policy needs clarification and continued investigation. You stated:

“Perhaps it is because educational institutions are slow to embrace change; and the change underway is a fundamental shift that places a higher value on connections,” one’s network", than on "one (isolated) node."

We continue to advocate the need for change in order to fulfill a future need? I ask whose interest are we best serving by teaching to an unknown future? I feel the focus needs to be on the present by defining knowledge while focusing on the process of learning. The concept of a process represents an ongoing change and constant reflection; the pedagogical shift towards standardization and testing in modern education is not process friendly. This in turn slows the wheels of productive change and reinforces the cognitive isolation of the modern student.

Dewey put its nicely when he stated:

“The conception of education as a social process and function has no definite meaning until we define the kind of society we have in mind.”

I then ask, what is our goal… workers/consumers or thinkers/solvers?

I am excited to meet… do we have a date?

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