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February 25, 2009


Dean  Shareski

Can I repost old favourites? I've been saving up for 2 years.



Mark Carls

Laura, Great blog post. I can't wait for this project, saw it yesterday on Twitter and got to your blog post from @snbeach on Twitter. It will get me to start adding more favorites (I forget I can do that!)
Who is that handsome man at the bottom of your screen capture. Is his tweet your favorite because of the Duke mention or Sixty?
Actually, I couldn't remember that site last week and now I do!
Thanks again, see you in the ACC tourney.....

David Truss

Now listen hear my Bourbon-drinking Southerner, we were in Boston and so the Scotch was not the nasty Canadian kind, or was it your Canadian friends you were referring to? ;-)

I don't know if remember this or not, but we met because I invited my twitter friends to join a live feed on Ustream of Alan November's pre-conference and Dean @Shareski recognized you across the room and asked me to say 'hi'... and now here we are working on a project together. It has been great working with you on this and I'm excited about the opportunity to celebrate the power of Twitter to connect a growing community of lifelong learners.


@Mark Dookie That's all I got to say about i--except the banter did help me recall Stixy.

@Dave You've got one heck of a memory for a guy who never sleeps! I'm enjoying our little project as well. Just remind me that I should not try to keep up with you. What? I relish my sleep ;)

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But enough of insects for now. You may be asking what this has all got to do with YOU? As usual, I'm leading you along a path and toward a target, however unexpected, convoluted, and latent. In the next few posts.

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I think twitter would make a good SNL skit. Just sounds wrong. I tweeted from my couch - how dare you.

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